Transviolet - Fell Off The Flat Earth Tour

by - Saturday, December 15, 2018


I have been a fan of Transviolet since they released their first self-titled EP, Transviolet. They're an up and coming band from my hometown of San Diego and are going to be taking the world by storm.

This was one of the most intimate concerts I have been to, and I loved every second of it. There is something truly special about small GA rooms, where the artists are really able to connect with the crowd. The House of Blues is one of those venues where even big artists who play arenas, can size down and perform for a couple of hundred fans.

I also got to meet the band after the show, and they were the sweetest people ever! Meeting your favorite artist can be scary because I think a lot of the times we set certain standards, and sometimes people do not live up to them. But I can safely say, all of my favorite artists I've met so far have been extremely nice and only made me love them and their music even more.

Always support your local up and coming bands!

Night Vision
Small Victory
Don't Put It On Me
The Hamptons
Other Girl
Long Shot
Bad Intentions
Girls Your Age
Pretty Head

You can find Transviolet's new EP, Valley, here.


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