21 Choices

by - Saturday, March 03, 2018


My Los Angeles mini road trips are never complete unless I stop in Pasadena for some frozen yogurt.  If you like rolled ice cream or Cold Stone, you'll love 21 Choices. One of my really good friends who lives in Pasadena introduced me to this place when I visited a couple of months ago and ever since then I try to stop by 21 Choices every time I go up. 
It's located on Colorado Boulevard  in the City of Pasadena. It's on the street corner and almost always full, with a line of people waiting for their mixed frozen heavens. 

21 Choices has many combos and mixes, but my personal favourite and the one I opt for is Strawberry Nutella. They mix the frozen yogurt and the sides right in front of you, which is always fun to watch. Once they're done, they offer you a sample and ask if there's anything else you want to add before they serve it!

It's an inexpensive treat on a hot summer day, or if you're like me you'll get ice cream even if it's below 50 degrees (california winters!!!!)

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