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The Bay Area radio stations put together the greatest lineups for their annual shows. This past year was no exception. Poptopia (know by its former name Triple Ho Show) was one of the best shows I've been to. It was set after set, by the time the concert was over I was starving, because I wasn't even able to get to the concessions since I didn't wanna a miss a second of it.

My friend Bianca somehow managed to get us floor seats during the pre-sale, which sold out in under two minutes! I knew as soon as I saw the lineup that I had to go, because I was not going to let myself miss out on the first couple of performances Taylor Swift did after the release of reputation.

The first performer of the night was Ed Sheeran. I've been a fan of his music since 2012, when I was introduced to him through One Direction (ya I'm not ashamed to admit this). Although + wasn't his first album, it was the album that made him famous in the states with singles like The A Team, Lego House, You Need Me I Don't Need You, and my favourite Give Me Love. He went on to release X and now his latest album ÷. My personal favourite is and forever will be +, the songwriting on that album is flawless, I love every single song from that record! 

This was my first time seeing him live, and he truly is the king of the loop machine. Ed performs by himself, no band, no backup singers, just him, his guitar and the loop machine. In his interview with Zane Lowe he said after this tour, he might change his stage production and add a band which will perform with him in future tours. So I'm glad I got to see him while it's still just him on stage.

Castle on the Hill
Thinking Out Loud
Shape of You

Next up was Due Lipa, one of my favourite new artists from 2017. The first time I ever heard of Dua was at my old job; her song Be the One was on our playlist. But that was back in the summer of 2016. 

Since then Dua has dominated the music charts, New Rules was number one on multiple radio stations around the country. Sadly this weekend Dua was sick so she only performed three songs, but that's okay because I got tickets for her summer tour this year, so I will get to see a full set from Miss Dua Lipa and I can't wait!

Be the One
Blow Your Mind (Mwah)
New Rules

Logic was one of the artists I've always known about, I just never paid much attention to his music until his new album Everybody dropped. I absolutely love the concept behind it, I think it's his best work yet. The lyrics, the production and the aesthetic of this record is so important for our society I was impressed by the story he presented on this record. 

His performance at Poptopia was nothing short of amazing, he's one of the most energetic and humble people on stage, he seemed so grateful for just being there with all those artists. He interacted with the audience and even did some freestyle during his songs. Just all in all such an impressive performance I wouldn't mind seeing him again on tour.

Fade Away
Gang Related
Black Spiderman

My third time seeing Niall in 2017, I called it my Niall tour. Never getting tired of seeing any members of One Direction perform. As always he did an amazing job. I love, love Flicker so much, I think it's such a mature album from someone who was in a pop boy band. He really gave it his all on this record, and it shows. I'll be seeing Niall on his Flicker World tour (possibly for more than just one show!) this summer, and I'm very excited for that.

This Town
Seeing Blind
Too Much To Ask
Slow Hands
On My Own

Khalid is also one of my favourite new artists. The first song I ever heard by him was Saved which Zane Lowe and Matt Wilkinson used to play on Beats Radio all the time. His debut album, American Teen is one of the best debut albums of all time. For someone who was only eighteen during the production and release of a record like this just blows my mind. Khalid just sounds so unique, his music is very authentic, I don't think there's anyone who sounds like him on pop radio right now. 

His performance was also an energetic one, he was doing his signature jumps and squats on stage. I'm happy I finally got to see him live because I did miss out on his San Diego show this past summer. Poptopia definitely made up for that.

American Teen
Let's Go
Young, Dumb & Broke

My second time seeing Drew and Alex in 2017, honestly I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't get tired of The Chainsmokers. Maybe it's because I've been a fan of theirs way before Roses and Closer. I remember being the only person who loved #SELFIE, I thought it was so genius. Then they released Kanye which is still to this day one of my favourite EDM songs. I'm still obsessed with their EP Bouquet, I listen to it to this day. 

I was a little surprised as to their debut album being pop, I was definitely not expecting another #SELFIE because I think songs like that could never make it in the mainstream, but Closer, Something Just Like This and most of the album aren't really on the same par as Roses, New York City, Waterbed and Until You Were Gone. That EP, to me, is their best work they've done in their careers. 

That being said, I still couldn't even imagine myself skipping out on their live sets. I think they're amazing live, and they proved that if you've ever seen them on tour you'll most likely agree.

The One
Something Just Like This
Don't Let Me Down (with Emily Warren)

The last time I saw Fifth Harmony was in 2015 when Camila Cabello was still a member. I was never really a fan of Fifth Harmony, I just never found myself relating to their music as much as I do now to Camila's solo stuff. But I still have to admit that all the girls have really great vocals and know how to perform and entertain the crowd.

He Like That
Sleigh Ride (Johnny Mathis Cover)
All in My Head (Flex)
Worth It
Work From Home

AND THEN, the lights went out, the screams began echoing in the arena, and it was time for the Queen of Pop to take the stage. Miss Taylor Swift. When the lights went out and the anticipation for her to take the stage began, a video of a snake popped on the screen, and the screams got even louder (if humanly possible). She came out with her usual crew of backup singers and dancers and ...Ready For It? started playing. I was in a trance. 

Can I just say how much I love Taylor Swift, as an artist, a performer, a writer and just overall as a person. This woman has been such an inspiration to me for years now. I've loved her music for so long, with each album she dropped she was breaking records, and setting standards for pop music. Her fifth studio album 1989 was a timestamp of my junior year of high school. I've made some of the best memories listening to that album. Fearless, Speak Now and Red have gotten me through hard, happy and exciting times and I am just so grateful someone like Taylor Swift exists because if she didn't my life wouldn't have been the way it is now.

She was the reason I made this trip to the Bay Area and attend Poptopia. When it was announced that she was the headliner I didn't know how I was gonna go, but I knew I was not going to miss this show for the world.

Her newest album reputation. is a statement. I'm so glad she released this record and proved to the world why she's so successful and why people continue to listen to her music. She took everything that has repeatedly been said about her and made it into art. From people calling her a snake, a fake to people labeling her as someone who always plays the victim. This album is a fuck you to all those people, and she did it unapologetically. 

Poptopia was the first time I saw her since the 1989 tour, and all my memories came floating back during Blank Space and Shake It Off. I was having the best time dancing and screaming the lyrics to her songs at the top of my lungs. Even now thinking about her performance brings a smile to my face. She is everything.

...Ready For It?
Blank Space
Shake It Off
I Don't Wanna Live Forever (acoustic)
End Game (with Ed Sheeran)
Look What You Made Me Do 

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