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Taylor has always been one of those artists who always felt more like friends than pop stars, because I was always able to connect with her through her writing. She's the person whose music I turn to for help every time I feel...well, anything. Taylor Swift has been there for me through heartbreaks, and happy days, through storms and rainbows, through love and war. 
After 1989 came out, that entire period of my life felt like a dream, and her music was the soundtrack of my senior year and freshmen year of college. It was a special time, and she was a part of it. Her lyrics and melodies will stay locked in those timeframes until the end of time. 

Reputation has shattered any doubt that Taylor Swift might not top 1989. Although that album was so special, it had its time, and all good things must come to an end. 
REP is a triumphant "fuck you" to all those people who've called her a fake for years. With 1989, she might have tried to ignore her haters and people who criticized her, but Reputation is her finally fighting back, standing up for herself and her feelings and I'm here for it!

I love how chronological this album is for her, because you can see her growth from a dark place to a place she's at now, a place full of love and compassion. She's finally come into her own and she's happy and in love. It makes my heart happy because I know how hard it is to find that place, and I think that she's looked for it her entire life, and now she's finally there and so is her music. 

She doesn't care about anyone's opinion but her own. She's her own person, and she's not ashamed of it, she's embracing it. 
To all the people who continuously talk about how much of a snob and a fake she is, constantly doubting her as an artist and making her work feel small...
Look what you made her do.

Happy release week Taylor.

my favourite tracks:
getaway car
this is why we can't have nice things

There will be no further explanation.
There will just be reputation. 


reputation is out so you should def get a copy:

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