Floral Days

7:51 PM


Shirt Nordstrom | Jeans Topshop | Shoes Topshop | Bag Nine West | Sunglasses Quay

Topshop has been so good to me lately, I've been finding such cool and unique pieces there in the past couple of weeks. Basically every time I go to the mall I always have to stop by Topshop and check out their new stuff as well as their sale section. I got these boots a month ago and I was over the moon! I looked for boots like these everywhere, and every time I came across a similar pair they were either not exactly what I was looking for or they were just way too expensive. Topshop served me a deal (like they always do!) and I actually got these for $40! I've also been very into just simplifying every outfit and just keeping it casual. I love the look of black jeans with just a white button up (with an embroidered detail on the side). I'm also very excited for the fall, because I'll finally be able to wear my autumn clothes and nothing makes me happier than that! 

Photographed by: Cassie Schafer

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