NYFW S/S18: Alexander Wang

8:00 PM

I absolutely adore Alexander Wang and everything he does. I think he is one of the most innovative designers in New York. He's constantly coming up with fresh concepts and ideas that have their own truth. This year's show was no exception. Wang presented WANGOVER. Genius! 
It's what every New Yorker needs for a night out and the morning after. The pieces in this collection scream "sophisticated denim leather princess". Instead of the glittery fun, Wang plays with more monotone colors, bits and pieces of trendy clothes put together, making it a complete WANGOVER. 
It's a look of a girl who is rampaging through a strange apartment at 6am in the morning, looking for her clothes and just throwing it together making it look as best as she possibly could before heading out into the judging streets of busy New York. 

The following are some of my favorite looks!

Look 6
Look 18
Look 20
Look 21
Look 23
Look 27
Look 28

Shop Alexander Wang's new collection here!

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