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As a long time One Direction fan, seeing each boy grow into their own music niche has been somewhat rewarding. I had the pleasure of seeing Niall Horan perform as a solo artist for the second time this year and each time I see him, he gets better. 
Sure it was awful when the news of One Direction's hiatus hit, but it's been nothing but success for each member ever since. Niall is growing into a singer/songwriter artist, who is finally evolving into a mature 24 year old and finally telling his own story. I'm sure it's hard becoming a worldwide phenomenon in a boy band, when you're not writing your own songs (or have a small part in the process). Because of that, this album is a very important debut for Niall, to finally showcase what's in his heart and in his head. At the show, Niall addressed this issue in a speech he gave right before singing Flicker, the title track off his debut album coming later this October. 

My favourite thing about this show was the fact that the crowd was diverse in age. My friend and I arrived around 9pm to see Niall's set, so we had a pretty great view of the entire crowd from the back. Obviously, there were a lot of teenage girls, but surprisingly there were a lot of middle aged people, holding their beer cups bopping to every word Niall sang. It's something you'd definitely not encounter at a One Direction show.
It was also very nice seeing the same girls I went to my past One Direction shows with, we're all mature and all grown up now. I think of One Direction concerts as a community convention. It's always the same crowd, but it's always different because we're at least a year older than before. It's truly like a community, made up of the same girls who are loving and supporting the boys even as solo artists. This is why I always loved One Direction concerts, yes of course because of the music, but also because of this community of girls who will wait hours in line just to have that sense of belonging at these shows. It's a kind of a feeling you can't understand until you experience it. It's pure, happy and wonderful in every sense of all those words.
So, the next time you find yourself judging or not understanding how people camp out for shows, or why they attend multiple dates of the same tour; it's because of this feeling you cannot recreate anywhere else, but in a crowd full of strangers, who are not really strangers, sining words to all your favorite songs.

If you're able to go to some of the remaining dates of Flicker Sessions Tour in the US, I highly recommend it. You can find the rest of the dates here, as well as check out Flicker World Tour dates here for next year. I'll see you at the next show!

The Tide
Seeing Blind
This Town
Paper Houses
You and Me
Fire Away
Too Much To Ask
Since We're Alone
On the Loose
Fool's Gold (One Direction Cover)
Slow Hands
On My Own

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My friend posted a video of our LA trip when we saw Niall, check it out down below:

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