Mick and Bianca Ruled the 70s

7:48 PM

Apart from the turbulent waters of their marriage, Mick and Bianca Jagger were one of those couples who never followed trends, but rather set them. Their notorious partying life in New York City's Studio 54 was one of the craziest and most talked about as the storytellers say. For her 30th birthday Bianca rode in on a white horse which (as the legends say) was brought into the club by none other than Mick himself. 

Bianca met Mick at one of The Stones' shows in France, and when she refused to leave, her and Mick spent the next couple of days together only to be married eight months later in Saint-Tropez. It's one of the most romanticized love stories of the 20th century's rock 'n' roll scene. 

Bianca Jagger studied Political Science in Paris before she was taken with Mick, and has actually been a spokesperson for the people of Nicaragua after the tragic earthquake hit in 1972. Nevertheless, in the 70s, she was more known for her nightlife outings than anything else. She was a New York City socialite who hung out in circles of people like Andy Warhol, as well as the glamorous members of the rock 'n' roll scene her husband was a part of. 

Their bold choices in fashion were not unnoticed, at least not by me. While researching Studio 54 and the 70s New York City nightlife, I found numerous photographs of Mick and Bianca with some of the most detail oriented and color coordinating outfits. Both wore very couture-like pieces which set them apart from the crowd. The 70s were a time of liberation of youth's spirit and who better to represent such a time than a rock 'n' roll God and his Queen. 

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